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"A home without a cat is just a house:.
"The smallest feline is a masterpiece"
"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort"
"Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want"
"Cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one"
"The cat is nature's masterpiece"
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Our Story

"Our work is most rewarding when we’re able to adopt a cat or a kitten into a loving home. Rescue workers at shelters and other humane organizations like ours all over the world will agree!"


Finding Pasha is a volunteer-run organization with the goal of finding abandoned or stray cats and kittens new, loving homes. We save cats and kittens from the streets and overcrowded shelters of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

The non-profit foundation was named after Maritza’s cat, PASHA. That’s why we established this wonderful and necessary group.

Pasha was always destined to be the love of my life from the moment she stepped foot into our lives. She gave Pasha free reign of the garden each and every day. If she wandered off into the backyard, I’d just call her name and she’d come coming back, bouncing happily into my arms.

One day, as we were trimming the trees in the backyard, we let Pasha out for an hour. Unfortunately, the only way to truly internalize this important lesson is through painful experience. Perhaps Pasha had lost track of how to get back to her backyard.

Maritza was known to go door-to-door almost constantly. Despite having several doors closed in her face, she persisted. Despite Maritza’s best efforts (including the use of local social media and the production and placement of banners), Pasha was never found.

Despite Maritza’s enormous zeal and dogged determination, she was unable to track down Pasha despite numerous leads. During this period, Maritza met Servia, who later spread the rumor that PASHA had disappeared. By taking Maritza on a tour of the cat colonies’ feeding areas, Servia gave her the confidence to start looking for Pasha among them. The next day, Maritza headed out to investigate these settlements in order to locate her lost PASHA. Servia opened her eye, letting Maritza join in on the daily feedings.

Maritza fell into a profound depression after several months passed with no news of Pasha, and she only managed to pull herself out with the help of the good people in her life. Instead, Maritza witnessed a flood of homeless, hungry animals. When Maritza couldn’t find her lost Pasha, she made the quick choice to keep feeding the strays.

Feelings evolved into a firm determination to help these strays cats. By the end, she had a far deeper understanding of feline psychology. Not long later, Maritza connected with another woman (Virginia) who instructed us on how to care for these strays. Every day, our contemporary Maritza performs the rituals of feeding and trapping the cats. The recommended veterinarians were visited by her with the animals.

Maritza was briefed on the process of microchipping cats; the chips are used to track down owners in the event of a rescue. None of them had microchips. Not even Pasha knew about it. All of the cats that Maritza and Servia have rescued as a team are now legally Maritza’s. If a sick cat is discovered, it will be nursed back to health and microchipped as soon as possible. If at all possible, the cat should be given the best possible individual and medical care, regardless of cost. It is concerning that the expense of veterinary treatment for rescued animals continues to rise, despite our solid relationships with local vets who provide discounted prices for their services in exchange for their aid.

This led to the establishment of a charitable organization that would lobby for public donations. Help defray the costs of cat rescue efforts like TNVR with your donation. (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return)

Volunteers at Finding Pasha have saved countless cats and kittens, many of which have been adopted by grateful families. Since our founding, we have successfully rescued a large number of cats and placed them in loving, permanent homes.