Finding Pasha Cat Rescue

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Rescuing Cats & Kittens from the streets is a compassionate and essential act that can greatly improve the lives of these vulnerable creatures. Kittens found abandoned or stray often face countless dangers, including malnourishment, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and the risk of injury or illness. By taking them off the streets, providing them with proper care, and giving them a safe and loving environment, we can give them a chance at a happy and healthy life.

Rescue efforts also play a crucial role in controlling the stray cat population through sterilization and adoption. Through proper socialization and medical attention, rescued kittens can grow up to become beloved companions and find forever homes where they will be cherished and cared for.

UPS Rescue, now in Recovery

About Finding Pasha

We provide a loving haven for rescued cats on their way to finding their forever homes. We dedicate our lives to saving theirs and work to create a supportive, family-friendly environment that inspires a bond between our animals and those who love them.